Taste Test! Products from the Indian store



Many times my friends ask me if I like any particular products from the Indian store. So I make it a point to try different products/brands. The products range from the naans for the Quick and Easy Indian Inspired Dinner to curry powders, ready made chutney powder and chutneys, to yummy snacks!
So here are my latest finds-

  1. Tandoori Naans– I tried and liked the Swad brand Tandoori Naan I used to make the Veggie Meatballs with Curry Sauce. The deep brand is also good. They taste great when warmed up right before serving .They warmed up well according to the package directions. The added benefit was being able to warm them up in the toaster oven. I brush the warm naans with ghee or butter.I got the plain ones but they are also available in flavors like garlic and onion.


2. Rasoi Magic’s Paneer Butter Masala This is a good choice for an easy and quick entree with naan, like the  Veggie Meatballs with Curry Sauce or to make a mix vegetable korma or paneer masala in a jiReady spice mixffy.




3. MDH Arhar Dal Masala- 

I like this mild masala/curry powder for dal ,soups and some vegetable subjis.

MDH Arhar Dal

4. Priya Idli Karam-

To serve with idlis, dosa, and the Pancake Mix Dhirdi. This a good chutney powder by itself or, as I like to eat it, for making the Quick Chutney.

idli podi

5. Deep Brand Sweet Chutney-

This chutney, also sometimes called Tamarind Date chutney can be found in the refrigerated section of the Indian store.The sweet and sour taste of this type of  chutney is addicting. I like to have this on hand for chaat  such as the Weekend Chat with a Scoop, Bhel and the Chutney Cucumber Sandwiches


6. Swad brand Bombay Sandwich Spread-

This is a spicy hot chutney so is used sparingly. But it adds a great punch to the Chutney Cucumber Sandwiches, Grilled Fish and the Bhel. It can also be added to mayo to have a spicy green mayo dip or spread.


7. Thin Sev-

Sev is a savory , crunchy snack most commonly made out of besan. Thin sev such as the Mirch Masala brand is what I use for the Bhel and the Weekend Chat with a Scoop.

bhel in a bag






8. Frozen shredded coconut- such as  the Swad brand







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