Burfi Roses with Nectarous Gulkand Centers !

Dear Friends,
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day with these Burfi Roses!
Reblogging my earlier post for a Valentine’s day bouquet of yummy roses.
With tons of love,

Gulkand burfi roses
Make these Burfi Roses for your special Valentine!


Makes 10 big or 12 medium roses

Gulkand burfi roses Burfi Roses with Nectarous centers

The Diwali festivities are in full swing today! Today is the second day of Diwali when all the snacks and sweets especially made for Diwali are first offered to God and then enjoyed together at the family ‘faral’ meal. My daughter and I enjoy drawing the rangoli decorations. Our son and daughter are excited to bring their friends home for Diwali this year.

Every year I make nine or ten different sweets and snacks in what I call a faral making marathon. Half way through, as I reached in the refrigerator to get some shredded coconut, I noticed that I had some condensed milk left over. I was thinking of making some ricotta cheese burfi…. but that would mean running to the store to get it. So why not use the condensed milk instead?….But with what? And then I saw…

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