Cooking a nourishing meal together!

Sharing our latest Cook Along class, which was interactive, informational and fun!

This class is perfect for people who want to eat delicious Indian food that is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free!

Step by step guidance starts from sourcing the ingredients. INDFUSED spice kits tailored to the class, make it even easier for participants to take the class. A list of prep work and equipment needed is also sent a week in advance.

The class starts with an introduction to Ayurveda and its influence in Indian cooking. As we look at the commonly used spices and dals in an Indian kitchen, we delve into the reasoning behind using the spices, spice mixes and dals. With all of us cooking together step-by-step, following the tips and techniques of cooking shared in class, ensures a deliciously successful class!

And by the end of class, we have a wholesome, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meal bursting with flavor!

Hope to see you soon!





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