Gatari Amavasya Feast -Menu and Recipes!

Gatari Amavasya, celebrated mostly in Maharashtra, India, is the no moon day before the beginning of Shravan, the holy month in the Hindu calendar. To me, Gatari Amavasya seems similar to Fat Tuesday. Many people observe the holy month by abstaining from non- vegetarian foods. So, they feast on Gatari Amavasya, the day before the… Continue Reading →

Our Cooking Classes and Cook Alongs!

Make 2 -one pot meals with us ! Details @ Indfused Cooking Classes Namaste and welcome! We now offer both in person and online cooking classes! Choose from a huge repertoire of  tried and tested, easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to be a hit with you and your friends and families! All ages and all… Continue Reading →

Malvani Chicken, an Heirloom Recipe

This  recipe from the coastal town of Malvan in the Konkan region of India is all the rage these days! Malvani cuisine has become quite the rage in India in recent years. I wonder what took people so long to discover this distinctive cuisine! I grew up with Malvani cuisine because my ancestors come from the Malvan Vengurla… Continue Reading →

Easy Peasy Spring Pullav

                                                       Makes about 4 cups of rice  Spring  has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! When I saw the mint growing in the yard, it reminded me of this  delicately seasoned pullav with green peas and mint. Perfect for spring, plus it is super easy to make. The white rice in this recipe can be substituted with… Continue Reading →

Not So Sloppy Joes ! Guest post for Bindi and Jeans

Makes 8 sandwiches I was thrilled when Deepthi of Bindi and Jeans, asked me to write a guest post about  Indian fusion potluck dishes.What a wonderful site Deepthi, Ramya, Shweta and Kuki have created, that is dedicated to women! Women like us, who understand the trials and tribulations of immigrating to a foreign land and making… Continue Reading →

Malvani Masala Crabs

My hurriedly taken photograph explains how I could not wait to dive into these succulent, Malvani Masala crabs! Sharing the authentic recipe so you can have them too! When I got the crabs at the Asian store, I knew I wanted to replicate my mother’s authentic Malavani masala, to enjoy them to the fullest! As… Continue Reading →

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