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October 2021 Cook Along! Easy Weeknight Chicken Curry meal. Chicken curry made in under 30 minutes!

Thank you for another nice cooking class on Saturday.  I enjoyed the class on a number of different levels – I continue to love to prepare the dishes in my kitchen, where I get to practice everything I need to know (including sourcing, preparing and cooking the ingredients).  The Goan Fish Curry was especially fun for me, since in the past, I have shied away from cooking fish, simply due to lack of experience and confidence.  The recipe you chose for Saturday’s class was straightforward, and easily replicable.  And most importantly, it was delicious! -~ KF

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking part in a Zoom online cooking class taught by my blogger friend, Sandhya. It was most informative and great fun cooking along with her.  We made a burrito bowl with a scrumptious vegetarian filling. The best part? You get to eat the bowl  well done Sandhya! ~ LM

Namaste and welcome!

During the pandemic, we transitioned to  ‘Cook Alongs’ on Zoom. I am thankful that these cooking classes have been well-liked by so many of you! What a gratifying experience it is to see both the novice and the pros gain the confidence by cooking along and recreating the meals. The bonus is dinner is ready at the end of class!

The Cook Alongs work fabulously as cooking parties for groups of friends, extended families and as team building events and corporate parties. The menu can be catered to what you want to learn.

INDFUSED spice kits are also available for your convenience. 

Choose from a huge repertoire of  tried and tested, easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to be a hit with you and your friends and families! All ages and all levels of expertise welcome! Small group size classes or private classes available.

Classes include an introduction to Indian spices, shopping tips, recommendations, make ahead tips and tips on cooking healthy and nutritious Indian and Indian fusion meals. Recipes range from simple and  semi-homemade to “made from scratch,” and advanced level. So whether you are new at cooking  or a pro at it, you will learn something new.

Sample classes include-

  • Home-style Indian Cooking with Ayurvedic Insights-Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that go hand-in-hand for healthy living. Join me for this two-hour introduction to Ayurvedic cooking, where we’ll dive into the core principles of utilizing spices and ingredients for their health benefits and cook a nutritious, healthy, satvic meal together.
  • Everyday Indian Vegetarian CookingThis class is suited for the vegan lifestyle. It begins with an introduction to the spices used in everyday Indian home cooking and the art of tempering the spices for their health benefits.
  • Scrumptious Indian Curry Bowls-Easy Weeknight meals! This interactive, informative class will unravel the secrets to Indian cooking and simplify the process.The class also includes tips on healthy and nutritious Indian cooking, gluten free options, make ahead tips and on how to make these recipes for a dinner party. 
  • Dosa Party- A fun class to enjoy with your friends learning to make the crispy, gluten free dosa crepes with the traditional potato stuffing and accompaniment of sambar and chutney.
  • Fish and Shrimp recipes- Heirloom recipes for Malvani fish curries, shrimp pullav, shrimp biryani and many more.
  • Paratha Party- Choose from a variety of Indian flatbreads, stuffed with savory stuffing and enjoy them with raitas.
  • Instant Pot  Cooking- Learn the convenience of using the IP for delicious soups, dals, rice, pullav, quinoa biryani, vegetables, beans, chicken and meat dishes, pastas and desserts.
  • Easy Air Fryer recipes-from appetizers to desserts!

To book a class-

Contact me or sign up at the form below.

Here are photos of some of our classes-

Scrumptious curry bowls class pics

Enjoyed conducting this engaging, fun and informative class!

Enjoyed another engaging, informative and fun Indian Vegetarian Cooking class!
Engaging, informative and fun Indian Vegetarian Cooking class

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