Microwave Chivda with Oats and Papad !

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POP Chivda  made of Pohe, Oats and Papad that is ready in 6 minutes in the microwave and one that you just cannot resist ‘popping’ in your mouth!Microwave Chivda with Oats and Papad !

Microwave Chivda with Oats and Papad !

Microwave chivda with Oats and Papad Microwave chivda with Oats and Papad

Are you taking a car trip this Memorial Day weekend? Do you pack snacks in the car that are “for the kids”? Then you are like me!

This 6 minute microwave chivda, which I call my microwave POP chivda, is one snack I will not leave home without 😉 It is crispy, savory and a much lighter and healthier version of readymade chivda available in the stores. Also chivda available in the stores is generally made of deep fried or roasted poha. I add the oats and papad in my recipe which add nutrition and varied textures to the chivda.

The POP stands for Poha, Oats and Papad. This…

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