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I am excited to present Indfused’s products for home-style cooking! Whether you are a novice, or are looking to expand your repertoire, Indfused’s spice collections, unique masalas, and tested recipes will help you prepare impressive meals. The streamlined recipes behind these kits augment my vision to make Indian and fusion cooking easier and healthier. I aspire to help you create warm memories around the table, that are seasoned with your love.
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Nourishing Khicahdi
Nourishing Khichadi

Nourishing Khichadi is the most cherished food of Ayurveda and is Indian soul food at its best! Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that uses foods and spices for maintaining good health.

This meal that is fit for all seasons, is now at your fingertips! This pack comes with the khichadi spices and masala to make about 3 cups of Khichadi, in under 20 minutes! Enjoy this scrumptious, one pot, balanced meal. Video link for recipe will be sent on purchase.

V, GF. Vegan options available.

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C+C Masala

INDFUSED's blend of cumin and coriander seeds is made by slow roasting and grinding the spices. The aroma of this masala makes the flavors pop in soups, chaat and vegetarian dishes. This is a very versatile spice mix.

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Garam Masala

Garam Masala is INDFUSED's blend of carefully chosen warming spices that are slow roasted and ground. They lend the perfect touch to vegetable, beans, meat and poultry dishes. It is made fresh to order.

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Everyday Curry Powder

INDFUSED's freshly made, mild curry powder, is a blend of carefully selected spices that are slow roasted and then ground to release their flavor and aroma. It is used extensively in vegetable dishes, chicken salads and dal/lentil dishes.

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Kashmiri Chili Powder

This bright red chili powder from India is prized for its color and mild heat. It has a slightly smoky flavor.

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This bright, yellow powder is made from the sun-dried turmeric rhizomes. It contains curcumin, that is known for its health benefits. In Indian cuisine, this spice is used in curries, dals, stir-fried vegetable dishes and golden milk.

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Golden Milk Mix (Pack of 3)

Experience all the goodness of turmeric and the warming spices in this assortment pack of 3 unique blends- Serenity, Bliss and Radiance. This pack contains 3 sachets that can be mixed with your choice of milk. Makes 1 cup of each flavor.

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Mulligatawny Soup Mix

This lentil-based Indian soup is an excellent source of vegetable protein. It is vegetarian, vegan and hearty.

This delicious, healthy soup mix comes with easy directions and cooks in under 20 minutes! This pack makes 4 cups of gourmet soup.

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Masala Dabba

This keepsake, authentic Indian spice box is the perfect gift for the home chef! The combination of spices and masalas in this collection will rejuvenate your kitchen and help in creating the recipes included in this kit and many, many more!

This kit contains:

  • 6 (1.5 oz.) containers of turmeric, Kashmiri chili powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, INDFUSED C&C masala, INDFUSED garam masala and INDFUSED everyday curry powder.
  • 7 recipe cards with photos to include homestyle recipes using this kit.
    • Mixed Vegetable Kurma-VG,VE,GF
    • Aaloo Subji (curried potatoes)- VG, VE, GF
    • Indian spiced savory Cauliflower rice Upma  VG, VE, GF
    • Protein rich Tadka Dal  for a rice bowl- VG, VE, GF
    • Roasted Vegetables with Garam Masala-VG, VE, GF
    • Murg Saagwala (Chicken with spinach)
    • Cool Cucumber Raita

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Spice and Recipe Kit

This essential collection of spices and unique masalas (spice blends) comes with 5 easy to follow recipes and makes a perfect gift for both novices and cooking enthusiasts! These versatile spices and masalas can also be used in various Indian and fusion meals.

This kit contains:

  • 6 (1 oz.) containers of turmeric, Kashmiri chili powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, INDFUSED C&C masala, and INDFUSED garam masala.
  • 5 recipe cards with photos include- Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, recipes for an Indian spiced savory cauliflower rice, Roasted Vegetables with INDFUSED garam masala and the protein rich dal for a rice bowl, Also included are recipes for Murg Saagwala (Chicken with spinach) and the cool cucumber raita .
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