Avocado Chutney Wrap !

 Serves 2 Do you just lo~~ve avocados like we do? Then this creamy, fluffy and delicious avocado chutney will bowl you over! I have to be honest- I was not sure how this experiment would turn out and my husband was the biggest skeptic:) But topping the wrap with dollops of this chutney, infused with garlic, green chili... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Indian-Inspired Dinner

This is a semi-homemade meal that college students or people starting to make Indian-inspired meals can easily make with just four ingredients from the Indian store. So, on the menu tonight: naan, dal, vegetable meatballs in a kofta curry-like sauce (mini meatballs or turkey meatballs work well, too), and white rice. Grocery list for the... Continue Reading →

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