Roti Jala

A Malaysian inspired, gluten free, dosa/bread with coconut milk!   As you know, in Hindi, roti is bread and jala is net. No wonder then, that this Malaysian roti that looks so pretty, caught my eye. It is typically made of all-purpose flour or maida but I used a combination of besan, rice and urad... Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Poppah Aappah

Makes 14 My Bostonian friends will agree with me that Jalapeno Poppah Aappa is a totally wicked appetizah! Aapah, btw, is singular for aape:) You all know that I am going crazy with my aape pan! The charm of eating my favorite fried foods using just a couple of drops of oil, is very alluring... Continue Reading →

Khau Galli Festival, A Street Food Festival in India- part1

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends and family! I decided to celebrate this festive week with pictures of a festival fit for a foodie like me. Yes, losing the extra, extra pounds has been put on the list of resolutions for 2015:) India has a wealth of cultural, religious and folk festivals... Continue Reading →

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