Aamrakhand- Fro-Yo Bark Style!

Frozen Greek yogurt bark flavored with mango and cardamom and studded with pistachios and craisins! The temperature is finally in the 80s and the ice cream stands beckon us whereever we go. I love ice cream….is there anyone who does not? But I do feel some guilt after the overindulgence…..but not enough to give up... Continue Reading →

3 Sweet Halwa Recipes- My baby blog turns 1 today !

A HUGE THANKS to you all, as my baby blog turns one! It is so encouraging to see that Indfused has had over 10,000 visitors,been viewed about 25,000 times and in over 90 countries. Encouragement and Gratitude are the two words that come to mind, as I write today. I have been blessed to have... Continue Reading →

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