Spring Abundance Bowl

Indian fusion recipe for a healthy spring! Cheers!   It was so hard for me to leave sunny, warm California last week. When I left Boston it was cloudy, gray and snowing! When I shared with my friends in the Boston area this photo of Chino Hills in California, they could not believe that these... Continue Reading →

Parmesan Crisp Nest for the Lovebirds

A Valentine’s Day Special Salad! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I start picturing rich indulgent foods and desserts. So, to balance it out, I thought I could start with a salad perfect for Valentine’s Day. You know how much I love edible containers. No surprise then that I wanted to make a Parmesan Nest... Continue Reading →

Warm Lentil Salad with Mango Ginger Dressing

A true winter bliss salad! Warm curried lentils combined with veggies and a super healthy mango ginger and avocado dressing!   I bet so many of us have resolved to eat better or lose weight, starting today, January 1st! That is how my thoughts turned to salads. But for me, eating cold salads during the... Continue Reading →

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