Makar Sankrant, A Festival of India

Are you tired of winter, like I am? Then you would love to read about the festival of  Makar Sankrant ! Makar Sankrant is celebrated all over India, on January 14th. It has an astrological significance. Makar means the Capricorn zodiac and Sankrant means the sun's travel from one zodiac to the next. So on... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Zunaka -A 7 minute healthy recipe!

 serves 4 Recipes passed down the generations are my treasured heirlooms. They have been passed down from my grandmothers to my mother and from my incredibly talented mother,  to me. I have modified some recipes  so they are easy to make in today's hectic world and are also healthier versions to fit our changing lifestyle. And you... Continue Reading →

Oven Roasted Delicata Arches !

Serves 4 to 6 as a side dish  This photo reminds me of my rudimentary sketches of the brilliant Roman arches and aqueducts we studied in our first year of architectural school 🙂 My rudimentary experiments continue with squashes this fall, but am I glad I tried the delicata squash ! I got mine at Trader Joe's when... Continue Reading →

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