Kothimbir Vadi Waffle

Most loved Maharashtrian savory snack, now non-fried, but equally yummy! Do try this scrumptious gluten free and vegan waffle, that is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Whats more? My version of Kothimbir Vadi is ready in a just few minutes as opposed to the traditional recipe! Get this recipe for all the taste without... Continue Reading →

Zesty Bagel Chips

Makes about 4 cups of bagel chips To say that we are crazy about bagels and bialys would be an understatement!  I know what you are thinking…. so many people are going low carb….but even mentioning that made some people… who shall remain anonymous….. very tetchy 🙂 New York City has quite a few places well... Continue Reading →

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