The ever so popular, Mango Lassi !


Mango Lassi

serves 6

Low fat,yet thick and creamy, Mango Lassi!


I guess I had always taken Mango Lassi for granted, until very recently. It is one of my most favorite foods and my mother made it for me often because ,hard as it is to believe now, I was a picky eater and growing up ,lassi was my reward if I ate my meal:) As a teenager, when I was too  stressed to eat around exam time,( I know I cannot believe it myself now:), my mom knew that lassi was my sustenance. I know what you are thinking… and my kids have said it to me, ” You were so pampered”

So I had always considered Mango lassi to be one of those ‘regular’ drinks until I made and kept it on the side during one of my cooking classes, just in case people felt like having some. That is when I realized how popular it is ! And just yesterday, at a friends going away party, when she asked me to make it because she loved my Mango lassi too! I have been told by many people that they love the taste of my mango lassi so I decided to share my recipe secrets for this popular drink!

I use my own homemade yogurt made from 1 percent milk but have found plain yogurt such as the Desi Dahi (available in the Indian store ) to be very good too. But if that means a trek to the Indian store, use any plain yogurt that you like. For the mango flavor, I love the concentrated flavor of the Alphonso (Hapoos) mango puree/pulp  available in cans by brands such as Ratna when fresh Alphonso(Hapoos) mangoes are not available. The cans are about 30 ounces so if I don’t use the entire can,I freeze the leftover pulp/puree in a freezer safe bag or container for future use.

So here are the 5 Ingredients-

  • 3 cups plain yogurt (I use low fat yogurt and it still is thick and creamy)
  • 1 1/2 cups canned mango puree
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • small pinch of salt

To Make the Lassi-

  1. In a blender, simply blend all the ingredients together for a few seconds !
  2. Serve over ice. Enjoy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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