Summer Picnic with Bhel in a Bag and Chutney and Cucumber Sandwiches!

Summer picnics are here again and ours is never complete without bhel in a bag and chutney sandwiches. Here is a #quick and #easy way to pack both for your next picnic!


Bhel is a very popular street food, especially in Pune and Mumbai, India. You are sure to find a bhel cart in and around picnic places like  parks, beaches, and old forts with hiking trails. It draws a huge crowd of people , and it is with awe that one watches the ‘bhelwala’ mix each bhel to order!

So here in America, I started packing bhel for our summer picnics, with the dry and wet ingredients ready to be mixed on site, and the concept of bhel in a bag was born! So as soon as the weather got warm this year, we headed off to the harbor islands with our favorite picnic menu – bhel in a bag, chutney and cucumber sandwiches, cut watermelon, and corn on the cob!

  • Bhel for 4!

bhel in a bag

  • For the bhel mix- In a gallon-sized zip lock  bag, combine 1 cup of kurmure/mamra or crisp…

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8 thoughts on “Summer Picnic with Bhel in a Bag and Chutney and Cucumber Sandwiches!

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  1. Loving this picnic Sandhya. Is bhel the stuff they put in bhel puri and pani puri? I remember eating them on the beach in Juhu on a couple of occasions when we’d visited. Loved it. I like the different things in your picnic basket. Chutney and cucumber sounds quite delicious, then the bhel, corn and then the watermelon. Perfect accompaniment on all fronts.

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    1. Bhel is the bhel puri you remember at Juhu beach for sure. Pani puri is the crispy puris stuffed with potatoes/mung or chickpeas and chutenys and dunked in a minty concoction which is the ‘pani’. all part of the yummy chaat family:)
      That is our standard picnic basket ever since the kids were little so now seems as a pre requisite for picnics;)
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments Loretta!


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