Bite-sized Potli Samosas- Baked!

Quick and easy appetizer samosas for the holiday parties!

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  1. The pretty jeweled packages may be special to go out on the town with, but your Potli Samosas are really special because they are made by YOU, Sandhya. Hugs, Robin

  2. We used to host a big Christmas party every year in our old home. We’d have 40 plus people, I always served heavy appetizers, I made them all myself, desserts etc. Not only do I have no patience for it anymore, but we lack the room now since we’ve downsized. These potli samosas would have done the trick. My American friends would have polished them up in no time. Those bags are gorgeous too, the silver one reminds me of one that my Mother made for me, she crocheted it, silver beads and all, and the very same shape. I’ve never used it as it is so delicate, but admire it all the time. Thanks for sharing another Sandhya special. Were you away for a bit? I hadn’t seen you around, thought you might have gone home xo

    1. Thank you dear Loretta. Wow! Making appetizers and dessert for 40 is no joke. Hats off to you! I like these samosas as they taste awesome reheated too.My book club ladies like samosas and are happy that these are baked too 😉
      Your silver bag ,made by your mom , must be so precious! Crocheting with the thin thread takes so much patience. I love to crochet but get the chunkiest wool to finish the project fast:)

    1. Sue, the recipe is on my blog Indfused. Here is the link-

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