Rice bowl with Potato Curry …..all in under 20 minutes!

Soul food in a Bowl- easy, light and delectable food the day after the huge Thanksgiving feast!

Indian Konkani style potato curry with coconut milk eaten with rice in a rice bowl! Rice Bowl with Potato Curry- ready in under 20 minutes!

serves 4

This rice bowl with potato curry is my daughter’s absolute favorite ‘soul food’. After a hectic day, this is ‘the’ food that she finds relaxing. She was thrilled to discover that her friends at school loved this curry just as much as she did. The traditional recipe for this is a little daunting when one is in a hurry, as it is made with  grated fresh coconut, that is ground with the freshly  roasted spices……you get the picture…… it is not something one would necessarily look forward to making after a long day;)

So this is a simplified version of the Potato Curry called Ambat Batata in Marathi. Literally translated, it means Sour Potato. Perhaps it gets its name because of the tamarind used in this curry. But with the brown sugar or jaggery and the red chili powder , it is…

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