Top 3 Mocktails for the Summer

Recipes to impress your guests with unique, healthful , nectarous and rejuvenating summer mocktails like the Berry Kokum Serbet, Mango Ginger Boba Tea and the Mirchina.

Top 3 mocktails- recipes you will need for memorable summer parties. Mocktails with health benefits!
Top 3 Mocktails for Summer! Impress your guests with unique, healthful summer mocktails like the Berry Kokum Serbet, Mango Ginger Boba Tea and the Mirchina.

Happy Summer everyone! Sipping these cool summer drinks remind me that I have been waiting for these moments all throughout the long winter months….and the spring months that felt like an extension of winter in New England this year.

This Berry Kokum Serbet loaded with health benefits is perfect for parties too!
Berry Kokum Serbet– A delectable non-alcoholic digestif with health benefits.

I enjoy sitting out on the patio….needless to say…with food and drinks! And this delish Berry Kokum Serbet gives me another excuse to linger longer on the patio watching the sunset, enjoying my digestif. Kokum is a fruit from the mangosteen family. According to Ayurveda, kokum also has cooling, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and is known to help with digestion. For more info on kokum, do read the original post here. Combined with the fresh berries of summer it makes a delightful cocktail!

Healthy recipe for Gluten free boba combined with mango, ginger,green tea and Stevia, is a cool summer drink!
Mango Ginger Boba Tea– A Taiwanese and Indian fusion drink!

The nectarous Mango Boba Tea, an Indian Taiwanese fusion drink is made with green tea, ginger and mango, all known for their health benefits. And the gluten free boba is rich in iron, so this is a win- win situation all around! More details about this ambrosial drink here. 

Mirchina- easy recipe for muddled mocktail with honey,ginger, chili peppers and lemon serves as an appertif or digestive
Mirchina– easy Indian recipe for muddled mocktail with honey, ginger, chili peppers and lemon serves as an appertif or digestive

The green Mirchina enticed me in my childhood so I have tried to recreate it here. Chili pepper is known for its benefit of boosting metabolism. I combined it with the goodness of fresh ginger, mint leaves, fresh lime juice and honey, each well known for its health benefits. You can muddle the chili, ginger and mint or blend it in a blender. I add sparkling water and sea salt to serve it as an aperitif. To serve as a digestif, I also top it with a lemony soft drink, which makes it a little sweeter. More details about Mirchina are here.

These are Indfused’s top 3 mocktails that rejuvenate me in the summer and I hope they do the same for you!






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  1. Happy Summer to you too Sandhya. The mocktails look so refreshing and the gorgeous Colors make them all the more inviting. Awesome share !

  2. Can imagine summer without some summer drinks, those mocktails looks ultimate and absolutely catchy with pretty colours. Super refreshing drinks.

  3. The drinks scream summer – how lovely it would be to sit on your inviting patio and partake in some of these glorious drinks. 🙂

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  7. Finally, summer is here too and it’s rocking! What a fabulous and colourful drinks to enjoy summer. Love to have kokum one 🙂

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