Gul Pohe Vadi

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Especially for Krishna Janmashtami! Gul Pohe Vadi is easy and requires no sugar syrup making skills!

#Easy, #no syrup making #skills required, #Indian #dessert #recipe with #almonds, #coconut,#iron rich #jaggery and #pohe, #cardamom and#nutmeg, a #festival #special. A #glutenfree #snack with #vegan option in #recipe Easy- No syrup needed- Gul Pohe Vadi or Burfi

Gul is jaggery, pohe is flattened rice and vadi is burfi. Pohe being one of Lord Krishna’s favorite foods, are offered to Him for the Janmashtami festival, which celebrates His birth. I love the mythological story about Sudama’s gift of pohe for Lord Krishna. It teaches us all a valuable lesson that gifts given from the heart are far more precious than any other gifts.

Gul pohe are made with jaggery, coconut, ghee, nutmeg and cardamom mixed with flattened rice or pohe. They are not a favorite with my kids. So I decided to make a vadi/burfi with similar ingredients adding almonds and roasted dal/dalia to it too.

This is a ‘no syrup making skills required’ recipe! Many people are nervous about the right consistency of jaggery syrups, especially here in America, as we do not get a type of jaggery…

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