Fun Cooking Classes in Februray!

Popular Indian Snacks

Sign up for a class on Friday, February 7, 2020 @ 11 a.m. or Saturday February 8 @ 2 p.m. In Lexington, MA.

Class size limited to 8.

Cooking classes in February 2020
Cooking classes in February 2020

Want to add a bit of spice to your life this Valentine’s Day? Come as a couple or with friends to enjoy this class and leave with the confidence that you can easily recreate this menu in your own kitchen.

Using homemade and easy semi homemade recipes, we will make authentic tasting, popular Indian snacks.

This menu makes a scrumptious and unique meal –

  • Samosas- Easy recipe for the most popular Indian snack, stuffed with curried potatoes and peas
  • Onion pakoras- delicious onion and chickpea flour fritters – bet you can’t eat just one!
  • Seviya upama- savory Indian style noodles
  • Paatra/ Aluwadi- learn how to turn these vegetarian protein rich rolls into crowd pleasers
  • Mango kulfi ice cream- Nectarous, creamy ice cream dessert, that needs no churning!

Come join us for a relaxed, informative and fun class that ends with us all eating the delicious

food together. Whether you are a novice to Indian cooking or a whiz, you will enjoy this demo and hands on cooking class. This class also is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie!

Class fee (including materials fee) $80.

To register/reach me –




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