Curried Corn Shira- A summer favorite!

Perfect for Memorial day Weekend! Enjoy!

Fresh Corn cha Shira!

Making Curried Corn Shira- A quick and easy snack that is perfect for the summer!

Fresh, tender, corn on the cob, bursting with flavor is a summer time favorite. This Corn cha Shira, as it is called in Marathi, is a favorite of mine since childhood. Luckily this recipe takes only a few minutes to make! I could not wait to devour it!

This Corn cha Shira is delicately seasoned to let the flavor of the corn shine through. The cumin, salt, chili powder lemon juice and freshly grated coconut accentuate the flavor of the corn.

To get the corn off the cob, I used the same technique as I did for the Raw Corn Koshimbir.

So here is the easy recipe-

Curried Corn Shira

Delicately seasoned corn snack

  • small kadhai/ wok or frying pan
  • 2 Fresh corn on the cob
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 1…

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