Samosa Triangle for the weekend party!

¬†Samosa Triangle Serves 10 to 12 as an appetizer Picture having this fun appetizer- Samosa Triangle served while watching a Bollywood love triangle ! Just the thought of it is making me smile. I promise that the Samosa Triangle is much less complicated ūüôā The triangular samosas are a favorite snack of so many of... Continue Reading →

Indian Spiced, Juicy Chicken Burgers with Mango and Red Pepper Chutney!

¬†Chicken Burgers makes 4 quarter pounder burgers ¬†Do you have a family like mine¬†who frequently reminds you¬†of the idiom¬†"one man's food is another man's poison ?" You know how¬†one child's absolute favorite dinner has the other child scowling¬†? And then there are just a few foods that¬†your whole family agrees they love!These delectable burgers¬†are one... Continue Reading →

The ever so popular, Mango Lassi !

  Mango Lassi serves 6   I guess I had always taken Mango Lassi for granted, until very recently. It is one of my most favorite foods and my mother made it for me often because ,hard as it is to believe now, I was a picky eater and growing up ,lassi was my reward... Continue Reading →

Grilled Fish with a side of Shrimp Skewers

Grilled Fish and Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Glaze serves 2 ¬†Grilling season continues with fish and shrimp ! I come from a family of fish lovers. Growing up, we had fish three times a week and my mom, made a whole array of fabulous¬†fish dishes that are published in her cookbook Zanzaneet Non- Veg,... Continue Reading →

Taste Test! Products from the Indian store

    Many times my friends ask me if I like any particular products from the Indian store. So I make it a point to try different products/brands. The products range from the naans for the Quick and Easy Indian Inspired Dinner to curry powders, ready made chutney powder and chutneys, to yummy snacks! So... Continue Reading →

The Basic Indian Pantry

I have heard so many of my friends tell me that they are overwhelmed when they go to an Indian grocery store. They do not know where to start! So let's start with a basic grocery list for the Indian store. Most of these¬† ingredients are used often for many of the recipes in my... Continue Reading →

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