One Pot Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup

An ideal weeknight, no fuss, hearty soup that is gluten free (with vegan option) and simply irresistible! Now with an Instant Pot recipe too! Are you fascinated by stories behind the foods, their history and how they got their name? I am intrigued by this 'food for thought'! Mulligatawny Soup was said to have publicized... Continue Reading →

Bite-sized Potli Samosas- Baked!

The cute bite size appetizer samosas will charm your guests and this quick and easy recipe will win you over…….find out what the shortcut is! The word potli alludes to a bag or purse. It is said that there are references to a potli being used in Indian history, since Vedic times! They were used... Continue Reading →

Tantalizing Tostada Bar

Serves 4 Are you fascinated by edible containers? I am not sure why, but I am enchanted by them! So you can imagine my excitement when I recently saw the Magic Pop Korean style rice cakes. They are made of wheat, brown rice and corn. These crispy cakes are almost as big as the tea cup saucers!... Continue Reading →

Chinese Bhel

 Serves 4 to 6 The mention of Chinese bhel makes my mouth water! I give full credit to whoever came up with this genius idea! Bhel has always been the most popular street food….and by street, I mean streets by the beach, park, hiking trails and picnic spots too. My family still packs bhel when we go to... Continue Reading →

Healthy Green Bean Upkari, an heirloom recipe

Are you one of those who wrinkle your nose, seeing green beans on the dinner plate? Then this is the recipe that will make you love green beans! How do I know? Because I used to be one of those nose wrinklers:).... until I ate this Upkari, that is. Upkari, in konkani, means a stir fried vegetable dish,... Continue Reading →

Festive Corn Raita

Makes 1½ cup raita I think of my figure conscious friend as I write this recipe. I admire her will power to stay away from fattening foods. So at a recent party, I watched her as she  avoided the corn raita, thinking it was boondi raita . I told her that she could deduct the calories of the fried... Continue Reading →

Oven Roasted Delicata Arches !

Serves 4 to 6 as a side dish  This photo reminds me of my rudimentary sketches of the brilliant Roman arches and aqueducts we studied in our first year of architectural school 🙂 My rudimentary experiments continue with squashes this fall, but am I glad I tried the delicata squash ! I got mine at Trader Joe's when... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Pithaley

Haaaaa! The aroma of Pithaley gently simmering in a cast iron kadhai pan and warm rice is evocative of the warmth and comfort of home! It is the ultimate comfort food for many of us who come from Maharashtra, India. The simple, unpretentious Pithaley is  low in fat and rich in protein and iron. Adding... Continue Reading →

Just thinking of the smell of buttery and scrumptious Paav Bhaaji makes one's mouth water ! Paav Bhaaji is a very popular street food especially in Mumbai, Pune and other big cities in India. It is a mixed vegetable dish that is served with  buttered and toasted little bread rolls. Made on a huge griddle,... Continue Reading →

My ‘Go To’ Light Meal – Tomato Ginger Saar served with Koshimbir Wrap

  Saar is an Indian version of soup. This semi homemade recipe for Tomato Saar is quick and easy and fragrant with smoky cumin and ginger. Ginger,according to Ayurveda, is good for the appetite and digestion besides its many other healing qualities. The addition of coconut milk makes the flavor of the Saar linger a... Continue Reading →

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