Everyday Khajurachi Poli

Luscious whole wheat flat bread made with dates, milk and sesame seeds. The festival of Makar Sankrant is approaching. Makar Sankrant is celebrated in various forms all across India, on January 14th. This year my Marathi calendar shows it to be on the 15th. It marks the sun’s travel to Makar (Capricorn) zodiac, which means... Continue Reading →

Candy Flowers & Falooda Flavored Kheer Pudding with Chia

Quick and easy candy flowers to impress your Valentine! You can decorate desserts, cupcakes, kheer pudding!   When I had a request to show how I made flowers in some of my other posts, I thought what better time than Valentine’s day to share these quick and easy flowers? You can use them to decorate any... Continue Reading →

Almond Butter and White Chocolate Truffles

Wickedly delicious and so simple to make! This fool proof recipe, with my important tip, will make you look like a truffle pro! So read on. These exquisite truffles are truly an enticing dessert and also can be great gifts......only if you are able to part with them! I had a hard time letting them... Continue Reading →

Oh My! The Ambrosial Mango Pie !

Makes 1 ( 10 inch pie) This delicate, fluffy, velvety, nectarous mango pie will simply blow you over! It sure was an exciting experiment for me to put together this recipe the first time I made it, a couple of years ago. Now this exquisite pie has become my ‘go to’, ‘goof proof’, and ‘crowd... Continue Reading →

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