Puranpoli for Holi ,the festival of colors!

Easy recipe for the sweet puran stuffing using Instant Pot and microwave! Check out the step by step photos and video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFRtp4bOjlQ     Puranpoli for Holi using Instant Pot and microwave for easy puran stuffing. Holi, the festival of colors ushers in the spring with all it’s rejuvenating splendor! I had written about Holi... Continue Reading →

Microwave Sesame Seed Laddus in 1½ minutes!

Microwave sesame seed laddus for Makar Sankranti 1 1/2 minute #Easy #Recipe

Microwave Apple Halwa with Almonds and Chia

Do you love to go apple picking or love to pick them at the store? No matter where you get your apples, this quick and easy recipe is perfect for the fall season! I love the smell of fresh apples in the orchards, and easily get carried away. Once home with all the apples, I... Continue Reading →

Figure Friendly Eggplant Bhareet

serves 4  I feel eggplant has the power of dividing people into eggplant lovers or haters. My husband and I belong to the earlier group- we both love the flavor of roasted eggplant. This bhareet is our favorite side dish. I am not sure which group our children belong to, because they love Baba ganoush but refuse to touch this bhareet... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Zunaka -A 7 minute healthy recipe!

 serves 4 Recipes passed down the generations are my treasured heirlooms. They have been passed down from my grandmothers to my mother and from my incredibly talented mother,  to me. I have modified some recipes  so they are easy to make in today's hectic world and are also healthier versions to fit our changing lifestyle. And you... Continue Reading →

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