Food processor Tilgul- No cooking required!

Super easy recipe for Tilgul-an Indian Sankranti festival sweet. Vegan and gluten free dessert. Festivals exhilarate a foodie like me and the festival of Sankranti is no exception. I love tilgul -yummy sweets made of sesame seeds and jaggery. As I had said in my earlier posts, according to Ayurveda,sesame seeds and jaggery are said... Continue Reading →

Almond Kheer to start the New Year!

Serves 2   Auspiciousness is huge in the Indian tradition, that I grew up in. I relate it to positive thinking. It is praying, wishing and believing that all will go well. On auspicious occasions, sweets are first offered to the Gods and then distributed to all as 'prasad'. Kheer is offered to the Gods during... Continue Reading →

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