Marinated and Grilled Pineapple Salad

Have you tried marinated and grilled pineapple? Believe me, it is a treat! And when you juxtapose it with cool and crunchy jicama, creamy avocado and sweet juicy watermelon, your taste buds will do the happy dance! And I have not even mentioned the pineapple honey balsamic drizzle, laced with Tandoori masala…….ooh all so drooliciously... Continue Reading →

Masala Papad Salad Cones (or flowers)

Makes 6 Masala Papad Salad Cone servings I like my salads to be tantalizing ! Meaning that the salad has to be appealing enough for my eyes and my taste buds, that I reach for it 🙂 So I tried to make the Masala Papad salad. This healthy salad sure packs a lot of punch in a crunchy papad cone. Have you... Continue Reading →

Curried Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is an ancient grain. So quinoa has been around for a long, long time but I was totally unaware of it until about two years ago. As I read about its many health benefits, I wanted to incorporate it in our meals. I always strive to make foods healthier without compromising on the taste. But... Continue Reading →

Figure Friendly Lentil Salad with Chutney Dressing!

This figure friendly salad is nutritious and refreshingly delicious with the sweet-and-sour tang of the yogurt chutney dressing. The hot sauce adds a kick to it! Lentil Salad with Chutney Dressing Serves 2 For the lentils, I like to soak and cook the lentils and beans in advance, to avoid the excess sodium of the... Continue Reading →

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