Chutney and Cucumber Sandwiches


 Chutney and Cucumber Sandwiches


These cool cucumber sandwiches taste divine especially on hot summer days when you pull them out of the cooler,as you settle into your favorite picnic spot ! The taste of my mom’s sandwiches still lingers on my mind ( and my taste buds). She used freshly churned fluffy sweet butter to make the sandwiches. I try to recreate the taste here in America, using the whipped cream cheese. So here are my ingredients-

  • My kids chose the country white bread, such as the Market Basket brand.but you can choose whichever ‘sturdy’ bread you like.
  • I used the same chutneys I used for Bhel.You may choose a green chutney  for ‘bhel and Chaat’ but I like the green sandwich chutney, so  I decided to buy just one instead of two separate bottles.Since it is a hot chutney, it is used sparingly.
  •  I used the  whipped plain  cream cheese,such as the Market Basket brand.

sandwich ingreidents

In two separate bowls, mix the chutneys with the whipped cream cheese according to taste. I used about 4 tablespoons of the whipped cream cheese to a tablespoon of the hot chutney and 2 tablespoons of the sweet chutney to 4 tablespoons of the whipped cream cheese.

chutneys with whipped cream cheesemixing chutneypicnic blog

Wash, peel and cut the cucumber into thin slices. Spread the hot and sweet chutney ‘spread’ on the slices of bread and add the cucumbers.


Remove the crusts,if you desire,cut into triangles and enjoy!

 2 Yummy Variations-

  1. You may add thin sev (shown in the Bhel post) to the sandwiches, just before serving, for an extra crunch
  2. I love the taste of thinly sliced avocado,lettuce and baby Swiss cheese added to the chutney and cucumber sandwiches! The combination of flavors is super delicious!

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