Writing to my dream reader!

Dear Friend,

My food blog is a five month old newbie,’ who’ I love! And thanks to you, my dear reader, I am encouraged and inspired to make sure it thrives with the right nourishment and nurturing.So I am taking this #Blogging 101 course to learn and to meet so many amazing bloggers who are taking the course with me.

My food blog focuses on Indian and Indian fusion cooking in America. It would not be an exaggeration if I tell you that I am constantly thinking of food. Many a times my friends have observed how I turn any topic of conversation back to food:)

I grew up in a family of foodies, with wonderful memories of my mom’s amazing cooking and our warm and jovial family conversations around the dinner table. So to me, cooking is a language of love with real life memories, traditions, heirloom recipes and new fusion recipes. I have been a passionate cook for about 30 years now and am happy that I have been able to share my language of love with my husband and children too.

I am an architect by education and love designing. So whether it is designing a room, an outfit, an art or craft project or coming up with a fusion recipe and its presentation, I truly enjoy the creative process!

These days I am spending some time with my dad, helping him recuperate. He is a gifted writer and orator. When I was little, he wrote my speeches for me :)I hope to make him proud. He is a sweet dad who has always been proud and supportive of his children.

So I was just telling him how Indfused, my blog, is instrumental in combining my interests and passion in designing, cooking and writing. Blogging allows me to share this with my global friends. So thank you dear reader, my dear friend for letting me share my corner of the world with you. Or should I say corners? Because

PicMonkey Collage
The warmth of ‘home’ I feel in India and in the USA!

this collage represents two places I feel are my home . So I hope that you enjoy my Indian American recipes. I hope to hear from you soon!

With tons of love,



9 thoughts on “Writing to my dream reader!

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  1. Nicely put Sandhya,

    Wish you all the best. Keep cooking so our husbands get great food. I am in Mumbai please send me your number again. How is pappa doing??


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Great job Sandhya, I was stumped with this one, my creative juices were at a standstill. I tried to embed a video and was having the hardest time, so let’s see if anyone helps me out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you are Sandhya, there’s just so much to learn out there isn’t there? I have lived on WP all week I think. I was asked to do a guest post for tomorrow, plus I posted today on a delicious curry, and trying to keep up with the blogging assignments. Let me know what you think of the ingredients, it’s really quite lovely!


      2. Yes there is a lot to learn for sure! I know what you mean by living on WordPress 🙂
        I wrote a recipe yesterday and have to do one tomorrow.
        Liked your coriander tomato chicken a lot!


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