Tandoori Salmon Pizza !!

How about a fun food project with the kids at home for the holidays? Your kids will love making (and eating!) this healthy Tandoori Salmon Pizza!

Tandoori Salmon Pizza! Tandoori Salmon Pizza!

Dear friends,

You know how you get excited to try out a  creative that has been floating in your head? Well this Tandoori Salmon Pizza has been ‘swimming’ in my head for quite some time now but I had not been able to make it.

As you know, I love fish and cute fish shaped things- you will find plenty of platters and fish décor in my home. So I wanted to make my pizza fish shaped too. I am not a huge fan of salmon, but know that it is good for health and want to incorporate it in our diet. Honestly, the Tandoori Salmon tasted even better than I anticipated, which was a welcome surprise. It can be a meal by itself.

Tandoor, by the way, is an amazing clay oven used in India, which I wish I had. I do have a home style tandoor that my mother had…

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