The Best Root Vegetable Chips….just for you!

Getting ready for the New Year’s party? Try these scrumptious chips made with beetroot, malanga and sweet potato, with just a smidgen of olive oil,instead of deep frying!

#quick and #easy, recipe for #low fat #chips made in the #microwave and my #most #popular #snacks and #sweets too
Beetroot, Taro and Sweet Potato Chips in 5 1/2 minutes tops!
#quick and #easy, recipe for #low fat #chips made in the #microwave and my #most #popular #snacks and #sweets too
Most popular snacks and sweets of 2015!

Dear friends,

I am sharing a quick and easy recipe for my most favorite chips and my most popular posts for 2015, namely the Baked Shankarpali with pancake mix, Luscious Avocado Coconut Burfi, Jalapeno Poppah Aapah, Microwave Apple Halwa with Chia, Masala Peanut Bhujia in 4 1/2 minutes, Plantain Chips, Potli Samosas and Roasted Vegetables with Garam masala.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for sharing this journey with me. Creating recipes, cooking and presenting them to you all has brought me so much joy! And with over 102,000 views and more than 53,000 viewers visiting the site, you have all inspired me to continue this journey that I have started not very long ago. Above all, gaining friends like you has been the most rewarding experience! Thank you all! Here’s to continued friendship in 2016!

For the microwave chips, I followed the same recipe as in my Sweet Potato Chips, but the timing varied with my new microwave. Recently I got a microwave drawer installed in my kitchen. There is no plate that rotates and the rectangular space allowed more chips to be ‘baked’ at the same time. So the taro/malanga and sweet potato chips took 4 ½ minutes and the beetroot chips took 5 ½ minutes, all on 100 percent power. I started with 3 ½ minutes for both and then microwaved on high in 30 second increments.

The chips taste amazing…just like my favorite bagged ones, but without the deep frying!

I am taking the scrumptious chips and the popular snacks and sweets I have shared here, to Angie’s 100th Fiesta Friday co hosted by Judi, Mollie, Steffi, and Suzanne! It is going to be quite a party! So do join us and check out the amazing array of food presented there.

Hope you enjoy them all at your New Year’s party! Wishing you all a Peaceful and Happy New Year!




31 thoughts on “The Best Root Vegetable Chips….just for you!

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    1. Thank you Suzanne. You always have such kind words to say. I am happy to have found friends like you through blogging.
      Wishing you a Happy 2016 !


    1. Thank you Christine! I can totally relate to the non -stop munching, as i am doing the same.These are guilt free chips, so all is good:)Wishing you a Happy 2016 !


  1. How tempting these look Sandhya, and look at the variety! It is definitely a great way to make your own instead of the store bought kind. Root veggies are just wonderful, there’s not one I didn’t like. Have you tried parsnip chips at all? Great stats, loyal followers and lovely to have met you via the blogging world, I hope we can chug chug along together for 2016 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loretta,
      I have to try parsnips yet but am loving all so far! I also want to make apple chips.
      Having met friends like you through blogging, is a blessing for me.I absolutely want to chug chug along with you:)
      Wishing you a Happy 2016 !


  2. Congratulations on your success in 2015, and best of luck for 2016!
    These chips are amazing–I was so surprised to hear they weren’t deep fried! I’ve also never heard of making chips in a microwave. It sounds so fast and convenient 🙂 Beautiful colours from the variety of vegetables too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! They are quick and easy to make (and I am always looking for shortcuts:) I am happy that they taste great and I don’t miss the deep fried ones.

      Liked by 1 person

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