Kheema Calzone

Perfect for the football game this weekend!
Kheema (Indian spiced ground meat) Calzone is a crowd favorite.

Makes 1 (12 inch) pie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kheema Calzone, right out of the oven!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1st slice that landed in my plate ! Hurriedly cut as I could not wait to eat it 🙂

Do you day dream about food like I do? Well, today I was so engrossed thinking of Aai’s (my mother’s)  kheema pizza, that I traveled through space and time and could almost smell the aroma that filled the home as the pizza baked in the oven…..Aai used to make the dough from scratch too…….I was salivating as I remembered the taste, aroma and texture of that incredibly delectable pizza…..and recalling the party my taste buds had as I took a big bite out of the warm,toasty scrumptious pizza……

 And then I remembered! I had store bought pizza dough! And before I knew it, I started to make the kheema filling. I  decided to make Kheema Calzones for dinner.

Kheema is ground meat. I…

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    1. Thanks Antonia. Yes doing well but super busy because we are finishing a part of our basement. The project has dragged on for 3 months now and my timings all revolve around the people coming to work. Hopefully we will be done this week!

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