Green Pepper Panchamrut- an heirloom recipe

As festival season approaches, sharing a popular side dish from Maharashtrian cuisine. A lip smacking , vegan, vegetarian, gluten free side dish that is popular in festival, wedding and puja thalis.

Panchamrut, with it’s perfect balance of five tastes, is a party for your taste buds! here is an easy recipe!

Green Pepper Panchamrut-A popular item in wedding, puja and festival thalis Green Pepper Panchamrut-A popular item in wedding, puja and festival thalis

The word Panchamrut is made up of panch meaning five and amrut meaning nectar. During holy ceremonies, there is a sweet Panchamrut offered to the Gods which is made up of milk, yogurt,honey, sugar and ghee. It is supposed to be very good for health, according to Ayurveda. As is the custom, the Panchamrut is then distributed among the devotees. However, I have never been a big fan of the sweet Panchamrut.

But come time for lunch after the religious ceremonies, I looked forward to the spicy Green Pepper Panchamrut in the traditional thali menu. It has the five tastes- sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent and with the distinct taste and aroma of roasted sesame seeds and peanuts, it makes for one…

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    1. I have not seen it in any Indian restaurants in the US either, Liz. I love the layers of flavor and tastes in this dish. Do try it sometime.


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