2021 Online Indian Cooking Class!

2021 started with the anticipation of this exciting online cooking class! Planning a menu around what a group wants to learn, their taste and dietary preferences, is easier in a private class and we had talked about making naan.

My Aai (mother) had given me a home gas tandoor many years ago which I had not been able to use when I had an electric cooktop in my kitchen. So I was excited to try the naan in my home tandoor. Of course with my recipe, you can make the naan on the stove top too and they come out just as nice and soft! If you have not seen one before, here is a photo of the home tandoor oven.

Home gas tandoor oven!

My special thanks to this family of enthusiastic cooks, who made it such a fun, learning experience! I am always very encouraged to see our younger generation’s interest in cooking and to have two generations cooking together in my online cooking class was very impressive indeed! They all were simply fabulous! I was beyond gratified to get a rave review for the class, saying how much they all enjoyed the step by step directions and the food.

Online cooking classes certainly have an advantage in the fact that when people cook along, the meal is something that they have created in their own kitchen! It certainly gives everyone the confidence of recreating the recipes again in the future.

This wonderful, warm and friendly family made this class a fun experience for me! What a great start to 2021!

Have a great weekend all!




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