Kandamool- my root vegetable stew inspired by the global Rishis:)

An heirloom recipe made especially today, for Rishi Panchami day- when one is supposed to eat like the rishis in the forests! My recipe has a global twist,so it is adaptable to vegetables and tubers available in your neck of the woods:)



Makes about 8 quarts

Or, according to my children, serves an army 🙂

Talk about eating healthy! Traditionally the day after Ganesh Chaturthi is Rushi/Rishi Pancahmi – a day to remember the great Indian sages (Rishis) and eat like the Rishis did in the forest! So after a day of feasting, the next day is supposed to be spent eating tons and tons of greens ,root and other vegetables cooked together in this absolutely delicious and very filling stew, called kandamool ! The word Kandamool literally means root vegetables.

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  1. That’s truly a yummy pot of green goodness. This combine of root veggies is made in different parts in different names but the outcome is same, lipsmacking delicious stew. It’s so hearty and fulfilling and makes the gut so happy. I loved how nicely you have explained the entire process and substituted International veggies and tubers so that people across the globe can savour this heirloom INDIAN dish.

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