Aamrakhand- Fro-Yo Bark Style!

Mango madness- A must have for the summer!
Aamrakhand Fro Yo bark is one of Indfused’s most popular Mango desserts!

Frozen Greek yogurt bark flavored with mango and cardamom and studded with pistachios and craisins!

Quick and easy recipe for the perfect summer dessert! A nectarous dessert made with Greek yogurt, mango, pistachios and craisins and scented with cardamom. Aamrakhand- Fro-Yo Bark Style!

The temperature is finally in the 80s and the ice cream stands beckon us whereever we go. I love ice cream….is there anyone who does not? But I do feel some guilt after the overindulgence…..but not enough to give up a frozen dessert:)

Enter fro- yo or frozen yogurt bark, my go-to dessert!  I combined  Greek yogurt with the  ambrosial mango pulp and some cardamom, to taste like aamrakhand, my favorite Indian sweet. I used non-fat Greek yogurt but whole milk Greek yogurt will, of course, make the bark creamier.

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