Air Fryer Sutarfeni in 3 minutes!

Dear friends,
This Sutarfeni is one of Indfused’s most popular recipes.Do try it this Diwali and let me know how you like it.Both the air fryer version and the link to the Super Easy Baked Sutarfeni in this post!

Sutarfeni ready in 3 minutes in an airfryer! Sutarfeni ready in 3 minutes in an airfryer!

Dear friends of Indfused,

Happy Diwali! Seeing that the Baked Sutarfeni was such a hit with you all, I was inspired to try the recipe in an airfryer. I am happy to report that the experiment was a success and the dough was cooked in 3 minutes flat. Have the syrup ready to drizzle all over the sutarfeni making sure to coat all the strands!

I have added the air fryer recipe variation in my original post-




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