Rawa Laddoos ! 2 easy recipes!

Call it Laddoo or Ladu, sink your teeth in these uniquely delicious ladus this Diwali!

Rawa Ladu/ Laddoos- 2 easy, streamlined, delicious recipes!
Sink your teeth into these delicious laddoos!

Dear friends,

Sharing 2 easy, streamlined recipes to make super delicious and authentic tasting rawa ladus.

These are an absolute favorite in our home so a must-have for Diwali. The Raghavdas ladu reminds me of my childhood and my Aai’s ‘melt in your mouth’ rawa ladu. My short cut recipe is derived from her original recipe. The condensed milk ladus give a mawa/ khoya taste to the ladus.

Both super delicious and I have tried to alleviate the fear of making the syrup, so do make them!

Here are the links-

Raghavdas Ladu- Microwave recipe!

Condensed Milk Rawa Ladus!





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