Air Fryer Sutarfeni in 3 minutes!

Sutarfeni ready in 3 minutes in an airfryer!
Sutarfeni ready in 3 minutes in an airfryer!

Dear friends of Indfused,

Happy Diwali! Seeing that the Baked Sutarfeni was such a hit with you all, I was inspired to try the recipe in an airfryer. I am happy to report that the experiment was a success and the dough was cooked in 3 minutes flat. Have the syrup ready to drizzle all over the sutarfeni making sure to coat all the strands!

I have added the air fryer recipe variation in my original post-






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      1. I love traditional home-made sweets & savories, because we can not buy them anywhere outside even if we are ready to spend a hefty amount. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Presentation is so pretty and eye catching and I am sure this dessert must be a treat for tastebuds too.. love the idea of making it in air fryer and that too within minutes.. delicious share!!

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  2. Oh wow, I love that this traditional dessert is made in air fryer and we can enjoy it guilt free. I am yet to own an air fryer and I canโ€™t wait to try this recipe. I am pretty sure it must have been a treat to the tastebuds!!

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  3. it is exciting to note the ease of using an airfryer. I will love to have the airfryer and then have this recipe. So good it looks on the images.

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