Dassera Greetings from Indfused!

Happy Dassera!

Happy Dassera everyone!

The traditional festival sweet for Dassera is Shrikhand puri in Maharashtra! It is a holiday. The houses are adorned with marigold flowers, Gods and Goddesses worshipped and the celebration of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance begins! Dassera also signifies that Diwali is round the corner.

For the Dassera festive lunch, I could not wait to scoop shrikhand with those warm fluffy puris!

Sharing 3 of Indfused’s very own  Shrikhand recipes that are quick and easy without compromising the taste, of course!

Kesar Pista Shrikhand in 30 minutes-

Kesar Pista Shrikhand in 30 minutes!

Sugar free and perfect for the fall apple season-

Honey Walnut Shrikhand with Apples-

Honey Walnut Shrikhand with Apple

5-Ingredient Honey Caramelized Fig Shrikhand-

5- ingredient Honey Caramelized Fig Shrikhand

Enjoy!Wishing you a joyous holiday season!




20 thoughts on “Dassera Greetings from Indfused!

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      1. Sandhya, we don’t have a culture of celebrating Dussera with specific sweet/dessert. Diwali? Yes, we do have many Mithai options. Is it a big thing in Maharashtra? Or there in Boston among the Indian community?

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  1. You are right Sandhya, creamy rich delectable shrikhand with hot pooris is an irresistible treat for sure. All the three Shrikhand varieties sound absolutely delightful! I would love to try out your Honey Walnut Shrikhand with Apples.

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  2. The 3 varities of shrikhand are my super favorite as I am from Gujarat and this is a must dish for every celebration.
    We too love this with hit fluffy pooris and some aloo sabzi on the side.


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