Coconut Caranji and Karanji Canapes!

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Coconut Caranji and Karanji Canapes
Coconut Caranji and Karanji Canapes

Sharing two types of Caranjis/ Karanjis/ Gujjias. Both are unique and scrumptious. Which ones are you making this Diwali?

The Colorful Crispy Caranjis with the Ooey Gooey filling bring back childhood memories for me as my Aai made these Caranjis. These authentic caranjis are a labor of love that can be experienced in every delicious bite!

The Exquisite Karanji canapes is my quick and easy fusion recipe using ready made canape shells. These are very easy to put together and replicate the taste and texture of the authentic Caranjis.

Hope you try them both!




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