Luscious Avocado Coconut Burfi…in 5 minutes!

Dear friends,
Reblogging one of my top posts for the festival of Narali Pournima and Raksha Bandhan coming up this week.


A #popular #Indian #dessert made for #festivals using #coconut. My #quickandeasy #recipe uses #healthy #avocado Luscious Avocado Coconut Burfi … 5 minutes!

A special halwa for Narali Pournima and Raksha bandhan this weekend!  Narali Pournima is a jubilant festival celebrated in Maharashtra and along some coastal areas in India. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the holy month of Shravan. The word naral means coconut. Pournima is the full moon day. The monsoon season, during which the seas are turbulent, comes to an end around this time and it is once again safe for the fishermen to brave the seas. But before they do that the families offer the auspicious coconut to the sea, praying for the safety of the fishermen.

Foods containing coconut are made to celebrate this festival. It is also Raksha bandhan day, a special day of celebrations for brothers and sisters. One of the most popular foods made on this day is the coconut burfi or vadi.

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  1. I am falling behind on blogging comments and visits. I worked 54 hours this week at hot warehouse but I miss your delicious recipes. Thanks for all of your recent likes, dear friend! Enjoy your week, Sandhya. ❤ I like your dessert with pistachios and coconut. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Robin. I had fallen behind with blogging comments too….so know that feeling…so happy to catch up with you and see that cute baby Hendrix!


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