Thanksgiving Celebration!

Dear friends,

I believe that this year has taught us to be thankful for what we have.

Sharing a previously published post with all the gourmet appetizers, soups, salads, veggies, rice and desserts you need for your celebration.

Thanksgiving recipes with a unique gourmet touch!
Gourmet, easy to make recipes with a unique touch ! Recipe links below.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving this year? I mean…..are you dreaming about the feast? What is your favorite? I am not a big turkey person but enjoy all the sides and desserts.

For many of us whose families are far away, it is our friends who have been our extended families for so many years. One of our friends hosts a fabulous and scrumptious Thanksgiving gathering every year that we look forward to. This year I am making the apple pies and apple crisps for the feast itself on Thursday and the Family Chex mix, salads, soups, veggies, rice and desserts all throughout the long weekend! So sharing some of them with you.

Have a scrumptious Thanksgiving all !


Here are the links to all the recipes! Clockwise from top left-

Thanksgiving and Christmas snack mix that your family will love!
Once you eat this Family Chex Mix, you will want no other!

Healthy and oh so yummy relish-

healthy Holiday appetizers
Cranberry Avocado and Pear Relish!
Easy savory bread, ready in minutes
Cheese, Onion and Olive Pull Apart Bread
Pear Chutney for the Holidays!
Pear Chutney with Dried Cranberries
Indian fusion recipes- Roasted butternut squash and apple bisque
Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Bisque
Indian fusion recipe for scrumptious roasted vegetables
Roasted Vegetables with Garam Masala
Easy Pumpkin dessert wholesome,earthy flavor and an enticing autumn aroma!
Easy Pumpkin Dhondas dessert  with wholesome,earthy flavor and an enticing autumn aroma!
Basmati rice with vegetables and fruit is perfect for the holidays!
Bejeweled Basmati Rice perfect for the holidays!
Indian recipe for chicken and asparagus pilaf with brown Basmati rice , almonds, craisins and coconut
Chicken and Asparagus Pullav- a one pot meal
Carnival squash makes such a pretty container for this Thanksgiving soup!
Festive Soup for Thanksgiving!
Indian fusion recipe healthy, scrumptious salad
Shaved Brussel Sprouts, Mung Dal and Pomegranate Salad
Kale salad that is simply delicious with a coconut curry dressing
Massaged Kale Salad with Coconut Curry Dressing

24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Celebration!

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  1. A beautiful rainbow of colors Sandhya. Look at all those fresh ingredients on the table. I’ll have to admit Thanksgiving is probably one of my best holidays (even more so than Christmas). Because it comes without any commercialism. I love the idea of setting aside a day to give thanks and to break bread with friends and relations. Thankfully, this year I’m not the main cook and bottle washer. We will be going to NYC on Tuesday to join our daughters and their bfs. Val, the older one has her future in-laws flying in from Nevada for a week, so she’s hosting it at her place. I have offered to make 3 desserts and a couple of apps (one of them being veg samosas). I saw a recipe somewhere where they smash the potatoes and peas. It was a video too, but I can’t for the life of me find it. I’ve made them before, but never mashed them, it also shows you a neat way of folding them. Do you have it on your blog? Anyway dear friend, enjoy your time with all your friends, I’m sure it will be a blast. p.s. I actually love turkey, and love the smells of all the fresh herbs when it’s roasting in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Loretta, What a beautiful note to get from a dear friend! Thanks so much. I am sorry I am late in replying. My computer crashed for apparently no reason whatsoever and threw me for a loop….using a temporary one until I get a new one. I have samosas on my blog that I make with tortillas….my mom’s recipe. I mash the potatoes too…they seem to fit in the pockets better 🙂
      How wonderful of your daughter to host the TG at her place. Your family photos are stunning. Your daughters are gorgeous just like their mama!
      We had a great TG feast too. My friend who hosts, is a gourmet cook. My weakness is the pecan pie and i had way too many helpings of that 🙂


  2. Your posts are always so colorful and thus so appealing. You have provided quite a selection of different recipes – not sure what to try first! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your friends and enjoy all the delicious sides – I love a turkey too but only the white meat 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much Judi! Your sweet words mean the world to me. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I had too many helpings of the pecan pie- just cannot resist it 🙂


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