Sweet Potato Chips in 3 ½ minutes!!

Be sure not to miss these sweet potato chips made in the microwave. Super easy to make, healthy of course, and oh so scrumptious!

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Have you had to muster all of your resolve to walk by the sweet potato chips at the grocery store? I know I have! Because I knew I could eat the whole big bag of the deep fried, sweet potato chips even before I reached home. And truth be told, some days I just did not have that resolve….especially when I went to the store hungry:)

So you can only imagine the boundless joy I got from succeeding in making the sweet potato chips in the microwave! These are the easiest chips to make as an appetizer, or with sandwiches. I had a pile of them ready in no time. I am so happy with this healthy option for my favorite chips, that I already have the other root vegetables like taro, beets and carrots lined up!

I am excited to share the recipe for these guilt free chips with you all ,so you can dig in too!  Like I said,the recipe is super easy. The only thing to master here is the timing for your individual microwave ovens. The timing will depend on the thickness of the chips and your microwave.

Let me start at the beginning. I got the sweet potatoes with the orange centers. I scrubbed them clean and chose not to peel the skins before slicing them. The slices need to be even and you may cut them with a knife. I have an ordinary mandolin type slicer that I used for even slices. It makes the cutting the sweet potatoes a breeze. I have 3 settings for thickness and I chose #1, the thinnest.

#sweet potato #chips #baked, #microwave #recipe #quickandeasy #figurefriendly, #kidfriendly #vegetarian, #vegan,#glutenfree #recipe
6 ingredients, quick and easy recipe for Scrumptious Sweet Potato Chips!

I line the microwave plate with parchment paper and a very thin coat of olive oil, then laid the slices on it, in a single layer. I flipped them once so they would have some olive oil on the other side too.The flipping is totally optional. I did another batch without flipping the slices and they came out fine too. Then I sprinkled the sweet potato slices with a mix of sea salt, red chili, black pepper and cumin seed powders. I microwaved them at 90 % power for 3 minutes, and then for another 30 seconds at 90% again. If there are some smaller ones that are done, you can remove them after 3 minutes.

Then all I had to do was wait for them to cool….which was the hardest part 🙂

Sweet Potato Chips in 3 1/2 minutes !



  • ½ teaspoon roasted cumin seed powder
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper or to taste
  • ½ teaspoon mild red chili powder, or to taste
  • Sea salt to taste.
  • Olive oil for brushing
  • 1 medium sized sweet potato

To Make the Sweet Potato Chips –

  1. Combine the cumin seed, black pepper and red chili powders in a bowl. Add the sea salt and mix together.
  2. Cut the parchment paper in a circle to line the microwave plate. Spray or brush lightly with olive oil.
  3. Cut the sweet potato into thin even slices by hand or by using the thinnest slide on a mandolin type slicer. Lay them in a single layer on the parchment paper. Lightly brush or spray them with olive oil (optional).
  4. Sprinkle the spice mixture in step 1. Microwave on 90 percent power for 3 minutes. Check and remove any smaller chips that may be done. Microwave for 30 seconds more at 90 percent power.
  5. Remove from microwave and let cool. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the rest of the sweet potato.

Tip- Timing will vary according to individual microwaves and the thickness of the sweet potato slices. Cook in 30 second increments after the first 3 minutes, still at 90 percent power.

Dig in and enjoy !



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    1. Thanks Ronit. These should come out great in a regular oven but the wait to eat them will be longer:)

      1. Ha ha …I know what you mean Ronit. I could not stop eating them either. But they are healthy…thats what I said to myself:)

    1. Nandini, do let me know how you like them. They were a hit at our home.Thank you so much for your sweet comment.

  1. I remember your plantain chips they were amazing! Now these I’ll have to give a try for sure. I have a sweet potato lying in my veggie bin, just one lone sweet potato, I’ll pull out the mandolin, and voila, already thinking of the sweet, crisp and spicy treat for later today. Love it Sandhya!

    1. Thanks Loretta! I ate so many that I was worried I may not have any for the photo:) The lone sweet potato is perfect for this as one sweet potato makes quite a lot of chips.

  2. Looks very delicious! But I never used a microwave … no joke … I just think I`m not very familiar with it. We did not have one in Germany and I never started using it… I can`t believe it`s working… 😉

    1. That is great! These chips will bake well in a regular oven too. they will just take a little longer.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I know how it is to make a quick snack at anytime of the day. this will be a healthy one for the kids too!

    1. Darshana, Usually mine are all eaten away so I have not had to store them 😉
      But they are fully cooked, so you can store them for a week or two for sure.

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