Snack time with kids

 Wholesome and scrumptious snacks for kids and adults alike! Easy recipes with shortcuts!

Indian and Indian fusion snacks in America , that are easy to make, wholesome and scrumptious
Snack time with kids- wholesome, scrumptious snacks that are a favorite with kids and adults alike!

Snacks play such an important role in our lives, don’t they? Snack time after the kids got home from school was especially dear to me. They would come home eager to share their day with me and over snacks and milk, we would sit and chat about the fun stuff and also about their concerns and stress.

When my kids were very little, I was lucky to have a very sweet elderly neighbor whose son was a pilot and visited her regularly. She told me that he always remembered the snack time he had with his mom after school. Her advice to me was that years fly by so fast, so treasure that snack time with your kids.

It is vacation week here and summer vacation in India. We always think of snacks for car trips and outings, don’t we?  For a foodie like me, those snacks double the fun at all times 🙂 These recipes are easy to make and taste just as authentic with the shortcuts, are healthier and absolutely moreish!

So here is a compilation of some wholesome snacks that kids and adults both love.

Churma Laadoo -An Indian American fusion recipe

Indian fusion recipe for Churma laddoos packed with protein and minerals, nutritious, healthy, kid friendly snack in under 10 minutes!
Easy, healthier, Indian fusion recipe for Churma Laadus!

Zucchini and Parmesan Masala Crisps

Indian fusion, easy , scrumptious, vegetarian recipe with summer fresh zucchini , Parmesan cheese and masala
Zucchini Parmesan Masala Crisps

Microwave Chivda with Oats and Papad- a must have for all road trips!

Quick and easy Chivda- a must have for all road trips!
Microwave Chivda with Oats and Papad !

Healthy oats, flax seeds and dry fruit laadu-

Oats, flax seeds and dry fruit laddoos/ energy balls - so healthy and so easy to make!
Oats, flax seeds and dry fruit laadus – so healthy and so easy to make!
Mouthwatering , favorite snack made quick and easy. Masala Peanut Bhujia is a favored Indian snack, serves 4
Masala Peanut Bhjuia in 4 1/2 minutes! Check out this easy recipe for this favorite snack anytime! Gluten free too!

Vegan and with no added sugar, Super Cool Dates and Almonds Milkshake

Father's Day easy recipe, nutritious, vegan, delectable milkshake made with almond milk, dates and cardamom with no added sugar!
Cool Dates and Almond Milkshake, vegan recipe with no added sugar!

Baked Khari Puri with Oats- easy recipe using pancake mix!

Perfect for summer picnics and car trips! Quick and easy recipe for figure friendly, moreish Khari puri made with pancake mix , oats and Indian spices.
Baked Khari Puri, with Oats and Pancake Mix!

Enjoy vacation week and spring and summer vacations ! These recipes made easy with shortcuts but are also healthier versions of the original recipes and are wholesome and scrumptious! No compromise on the taste 🙂







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  1. Great list Sandhya! There are so many recipes here that my kids would love! Am super curious to try the zucchini parmesan masala crisps!


  2. Yes, home made snacks are so special that I still remember relishing those delicious goodies prepared by my grandmothers. So I do prepare snacks during summer vacation, thanks a lot for the inspiration !

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    1. I love to snack Loretta.My husband Sunil always teases me that I try my portion control at dinner but then I am snacking after dinner too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful collection not only for kids but for all the age groups.. everything looks so delicious..a keeper when there are kids in house especially during vacations..


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